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Launch your project in three months.

One on one mentorship to start your project.

The Impact Incubator.

The Porte Impact Incubator brings your organization idea to life. In just 3 months, we give everything you need to ideate, plan, and execute an initiative.
For the rest of our year-long program, our team will grow your initiative from “good” to “great” with our hands-on mentorship and personalized leadership programs.

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Three month project launch.

Understand the fundamentals of building an organization and ideate what impact you want to make.


Month 1

Personal Growth
Introduction & Expectations, Identifying Personal Beliefs, Understanding Program Purpose, Imagining Your Future, Project Goal Setting.

Month 2

The Elements of a Great Project

Elements of a Great Project, Passion Discovery, Message House, Stakeholder Mapping, Project Plan.

Month 3

Project Pitch and Launch
Competitor Analysis, Logo/Visual Identity/Website/Socials, Effective Storytelling, Stakeholder Outreach Tracker and Effective Outreach Strategies, Pitch Deck Draft, Pitch Deck Presentation

Experiment and consolidate your project.

How does your learning journey look?


Month 4-6

Personal Launch
Launch project, Project Personal Recap, Project SWOT Analysis, Final Presentation Prep + Practice, Final Deliverable Day.

Launch. Scale. Amplify.

Come out with a project you can
call your own.

Month 7-12

We will teach effective storytelling techniques to teach you how to amplify your story to your peers, communities, and beyond. 

Our Mentors.

Our Mentors come from top backgrounds with extensive social impact organization experience. You and your mentor will meet weekly/bi-weekly to make sure you’re on track to reach your goals.


“With Porte, I found the leader in me to create the impact I never thought possible”

- J. Ren, Cornell 26’, Former Porte Mentee and Current Mentor

Our Collective Impact.

Since 2020, our Mentee’s Impact Projects have generated over $800,000+ CAD in support of our local community partners.

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See what places your
project takes you.


Creating desirable leaders.

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