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About Us

Our "No Half-Measures" culture ensures every student is supported in every way possible.


Our Advantage


With over 50 years of combined experience in higher education and project management, Porte’s team effectively broadens our students’ horizons and instills the knowledge needed for academic and personal success. 


As passionate educators, inspiring the idea of possibility within talented and driven students is what motivates and fulfills us to mentor our students for exceptional success. 


The diversity of Porte’s networks ensures each student receives the best resources to elevate their work and create a unique identity sought after by today’s top universities. 


Porte’s innovative and progressive methodology ensures our students’ applications not only meet but exceed the requirements of today’s rigorous admissions process. 

Our Team

Jonathan Kong

Managing Director

BA (Queen’s)

Jonathan brings his in-depth knowledge in university administration to aid Porte’s students in navigating the admissions process both at the undergraduate and graduate level. His international experience allows students to have a broader perspective.

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Franco Ng

Managing Director

BCom (UBC)

As Porte’s Managing Director, Franco utilizes his extensive experience in youth mentorship and government relations to assist Porte’s students to not only become strong university applicants but impactful world citizens.

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Our Difference

Time, capital, and resources are limited.


Unlike other educational consultancies, Porte specializes in individualized bespoke projects and small group mentorships.

By applying our unique networks, industry knowledge and experience, Porte is able to provide unique strategies and ideas to unlock a student's highest potential.

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