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About Porte Impact Fund.

What is Porte?

Porte is the impact incubator that nurtures students to the next level of youth leadership — the fulfillment of their passion project. Through grassroots social engagement, young leaders bring their unique dreams to life for the benefit of society and the planet.

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Our Method.

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Going places together.

Porte is active and energetic: it is going places. But it is not going alone. It is going places with other people. It personifies a type of leader who nurtures talent and mentors performance instead of running too far in front. So, when we speak with energy and action, we also remember that we are a collective. We are going places together.


Building desirable leaders.

Porte believes in the unlimited potential of each individual. We all have so much more to give if only we have the right people around us and are given the encouragement and support we need. Porte students are gifted and talented. The world needs leaders like them — so we want to help them learn how to lead in their own way.

We are there for you every step of the way.

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