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Student Advising

Competition for entry into top universities increases drastically every year. With SATS becoming an obsolete component of the application process, students now have an even greater need to further differentiate themselves and present as an holistic candidate.


Institutional Consulting

As students face increasing competition for admissions, Porte ensures education institutions have the resources and programming needed to create desirable candidates. 

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Leadership Bootcamp

The Porte Leadership Bootcamp is a week-long, hybrid, preparatory leadership program designed to increase a student’s post-secondary advancement opportunities through passion project mentorship and admissions guidance.


Admissions Counselling

Starting early is crucial. Universities are increasingly looking for students with a unique story and commitment to both academics and community. Porte helps students understand their goals early, and help build a roadmap to success.


Experiential Excursions

To visualize is to actualize. Porte creates bespoke excursions for our students to not only visit their dream university campuses but interact and learn from professors, students and alumni. 

Bespoke Leadership Programming

Admission directors no longer operate in theory. Students must demonstrate meaningful and purposeful results with their involvement. Porte specializes in providing impactful leadership experiences and training through our unique networks, to ensure a student's holistic development.


Strategic Planning 

Whether your goals are increasing student recruitment or elevating your brand through unique partnerships and events, it's crucial to pick the right partners. Porte provides expert guidance in strategic planning to ensure your goals are aligned, and have the resources to effectively execute. 

Let's Work Together


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