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Leadership Accelerator

The Porte Leadership Accelerator is a membership based, preparatory leadership program designed to increase a student’s post-secondary advancement opportunities through genuine community participation and passion project mentorship.

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Leadership Accelerator Today

Membership Benefits

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Yearly 50hrs+ of unique and meaningful volunteer opportunities

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Monthly workshops on leadership, public speaking and project design

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Daily advisory for personal, academic and leadership guidance

Members meet twice a month for workshops, group discussions, and volunteer events designed to elevate their leadership potential and communication skills.


By receiving ongoing guidance and mentorship the Porte Leadership Accelerator ensures members effectively demonstrate the holistic characteristics desired by admission officers within top post-secondary institutions.

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Spring Leadership Bootcamp (Included)

Bootcamp Date:
March 14-18, 2022

Workshops Daily

10:00am - 12:00pm

+ ~2hrs of homework

Day 3
Organizational Governance

Learning Outcome

Build a mission driven team, and utilize organizational structures for rapid growth and scale


Define personal leadership style Porte Leadership Identity Work-Set

Day 1
Passion Discovery

Learning Outcome

Identify personal strengths, interests and values, while discovering alignment with a global cause


Design personal mission statement with the Porte Mission Mastery Work-Set

Day 4 
Compelling Fundraising

Learning Outcome

Effectively gain funding through grants, sponsorships, and donations


Create a unique value proposition with the Porte Fundraising Work-Set

Day 2
Effective Storytelling

Learning Outcome

Perform market research and stakeholder mapping to identify opportunities for social innovation


Understand market opportunities with the Porte Market Analysis Work-Set

Day 5
Global Leadership

Learning Outcome

Identify global disruptive trends and take advantage of international partnership opportunities.


Identify international partnership opportunities with the Porte Global Perspective Work-Set

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