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Leadership Bootcamp

The Porte Leadership Bootcamp is a week-long, hybrid, preparatory leadership program designed to increase a student’s post-secondary advancement opportunities through passion project mentorship and admissions guidance.

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Bootcamp Date:
March 14-18, 2022

Workshops Daily

10:00am - 12:00pm

+ ~2hrs of homework

Day 3
Organizational Governance

Learning Outcome

Build a mission driven team, and utilize organizational structures for rapid growth and scale


Define personal leadership style Porte Leadership Identity Work-Set

Day 1
Passion Discovery

Learning Outcome

Identify personal strengths, interests and values, while discovering alignment with a global cause


Design personal mission statement with the Porte Mission Mastery Work-Set

Day 4 
Compelling Fundraising

Learning Outcome

Effectively gain funding through grants, sponsorships, and donations


Create a unique value proposition with the Porte Fundraising Work-Set

Day 2
Effective Storytelling

Learning Outcome

Perform market research and stakeholder mapping to identify opportunities for social innovation


Understand market opportunities with the Porte Market Analysis Work-Set

Day 5
Global Leadership

Learning Outcome

Identify global disruptive trends and take advantage of international partnership opportunities.


Identify international partnership opportunities with the Porte Global Perspective Work-Set

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